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Refers to a girl who's the most beautiful and intelligent in an area. everyone else wants to be like her and she can have any guy she wants in an instant. Supposed to be really nice too.

hoopla: Omg, thats the girl i was talking about, she's just perfect!

Me: Is she a Maanya?

hoopla: hell yea!
by i<3 maanya March 20, 2009
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Maanya is the smartest most prettiest, kindest and lovable girl you will ever meet. She is the goddess of everything. She can get any guy she wants but is the least desperate person. Her heart knows right from wrong she is everything you could want. She is incredibly pretty, the smartest in your class and she has the kindest heart. Maanya is perfect.
Lily: the new girl in class is perfect.
Jill: how perfect?
Lily: She is a Maanya.
by Lola665 January 04, 2017
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A smart girl, who has a short temper and tends to be very different from her friends. She's really sexual and people don't know that.
A: wow her name should've been Maanya
B: yeah she seems pretty cool
by Whatsurhandleee May 23, 2018
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