MaaS or Machine As A Service is a new methodology to market machinery to users. Rather than selling the equipment, the equipment is given to the end-user with no initial capital expenditure. The client only pays for the work performed by the machine.
Example; Hey Billy Joe, they just delivered my butter making centrifuge. It normally costs $500,000 but I got it on a MaaS model and pay $1.90 for every pound of butter I produce with it. Wow.... I am amazed.
by Afshin Doust @ AIS October 12, 2019
a mispronounced last name.
teacher: is billy maas here today? (maas pronounced like mass)

bertha: its billy mAAs. (pronounced like moss)
by dearjohnn.... February 5, 2010
Mother in Indian Language
Specially in Bengali
Amar Maa Shob Cheye Bhalo
by Srirup Das February 28, 2006
Anandmayi maa is the universal mother.
by Dosadosa September 2, 2018
Acronym for "mad annoying asian". Any person of asian descent that pisses you off.
"Yo, that maa is pissin me off!"
by Dorian C. March 9, 2007
Used to express dissatisfaction or boredom. This sucks.
Maa...i just want to get this paper over with!
by dk February 23, 2005
An unusual suffix word version of 'Mother'
Maa, pwede pakuha please
by Diaz0410 February 5, 2022