Your brother. But not just your brother. YOUR brother! You can have many brothers, but you can only have one "MY Brother!".

Is important to not confuse "My Brother" with "MY Brother!". "My Brother" is one of your many brothers, but "MY Brother!" is YOUR brother.
Me: (to self) "I wish I had some carrots right now..."
Me: *looks at brother*
Brother: *activates Brother to Brother Connection*
Brother: "Here you go brother." *hands carrots*
Me: "MY brother! 😎👊"
by Lead Bud 123 June 6, 2021
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an annoying family member that cares about you so much that he ruins your life
I hate my brother
by justhereurban June 19, 2017
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Offensive inappropriate annoying family member who jokes at the worst time, but at the end of the day they’re fam and you love em.
My brother during a funeral -“mobamba mothertrucker
by Bitch47 March 2, 2019
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1. A mid-nineties nickelodeon sitcom about an upper-middle class black family living in Charlotte, North Carolina. It only had a few episodes that were on re-run for years and the only white kid on the show was a nerd that everyone loved to hate.

"hit me, hit me, hit me!"

"Dont hold your brefth"
by Don Johnson April 8, 2005
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he blew himself up
and his 2 kids
heres my gas can, my brother josh, blew himself up, and his 2 kids.
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The moment when you question your brother's gay nude magazines, constant man friends that sleep over, and his feminine choice in movies and other interests and realize that your own brother is a flaming homosexual. May occur early or extremely delayed from the point your brother starts to become a homosexual. Is usually a moment of epiphany.
FordWhitticar : "Max has an awfully large collection of gay porn and feminine movies......Oh god My brother is gay.."
by frankthetankman May 25, 2011
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