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a chill ass bro who plays 7 hours of tennis a day macks on every piece of ass he sees and says incredibly racist comments whenever he feels like it
that muller sure has a real bazooka in his pants

atta boy muller, get dat ass
by brochacho mynacho September 01, 2010
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To intentionally injure an opponent in rugby by smashing them in a tackle.
I'm gonna muller that short and cocky one on the wing
by Habana January 28, 2008
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To make a joke that fails and everyone laughs at you and not with you.
Can also be judged by a thumbs up or thumbs down.
Joker: And then he fell over!
> silence <
All: Muller!
by Mog75 December 06, 2005
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To do a shit (eject shit from uranus)
Used as verbal abuse ("you piece of muller")
Be used as a replacement/subsitude for the word "SHIT"
Be used as during sex (exsample: brown showers)
"Im going for a muller" (im going for a shit)
"Muler/Mullah! (SHIT!)
Muller time (shitting time/brown showers)
Muller Express (brown showers)
Muller on Muller (a 69 version of brown showers)
by Wedge Antillies October 12, 2005
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A last name usually paired with a first name of someone who is attractive. Normally an 'Alisha' or 'Jake'
Alisha: I will name my baby boy Jake!
Nurse: why?
Alisha: fits the last name.
Nurse: Muller?
Alisha: Exactly.
by LittleMissToby July 02, 2013
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Being calmly intoxicated to a near paralytic level. Generally through the aid of alcohol.
Twinkle Face: Bored still, what you doing?
Petal Cheeks: Little...
Twinkle Face: Want to get muller?
Petal Cheeks: Okay!
by Jig Jigabang June 03, 2009
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