n.corparation with no respect for good music were being pretty is the top priority.
MTV sucks giant monkey balls!
Those MTV motherfuckers are nothing but ass kissing guges!
by Rhyannon June 18, 2004
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this has got to be the stupidest shit channel ever. I mean, come on, pre-packaged coolness? what the hell is wrong with kids these days? Whatever happened to sticking it to the man? Where black people had respect, and when white people were... wait... white people are the same. fuck them. Kids that watch MTV think their rebelious and cool, listening to EMO and bands like G-Unit, possibly the worst excuse for music ever. fuck mtv. fuck b.e.t. fuck the music industry in general. stick it to the man.
MTV defines cool, by using slang such as LOL or WURD.
by stan marsh August 17, 2004
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suppose to be (MUSIC TELEVISION) but usually just shows hrs and hrs of rap videos such as sucker free, and shows like real world, true life, and road rules,and is not living up to the name music television. it should be called rap television. the only good show i like on mtv is (rob and big) other than that everything else on mtv sucks.
dude 1- did u watch mtv today
dude 2- yep just a bunch of sucker free
by big Chad February 18, 2008
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a tv channel which used to show a lil good music and occasionally has good cartoons on it. Now its all shit like "real" world and all that. Whoever said we should protest in front of MTV is stupid, they're all fat rich old men who want to make money, so they team up with the radio and make bad bands, which they then put on all their shows and channels in order to brainwash kids into buying their shit.
My sister: I love MTV
ME: If you go anorexic from this shit im going to kick your ass
by e-money June 18, 2004
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who would have thought this was written over 20 years ago?

Fun Fun Fun in the fluffy chair
Flame up the herb
Woof down the beer

Hi, I'm your video DJ. I always talk like I'm wigged out on quaaludes. I wear a satin baseball jacket everywhere I go. (Yes, I know. No one wears a satin jacket anyone unless it's a wordthrowback/word - RR)

My job is to help destroy what's left of your imagination, by feeding you endless doses of sugar-coated mindless garbage.

So don't create, be sedate. Be a vegetable at home and thwack on that dial. If we have our way even you will believe this is the future of rock and roll

(background: MTV GET OFF THE AIR)

How far will you go?
how low will you stoop?
To tranquilize our minds with your sugar-coated poop?

You've turned rock and roll rebellion
Into Pat Boone sedation; making sure nothing's left to the imagination.

M.T.V. Get off the
M.T.V. Get off the
M.T.V. Get off the air
Get off the air

See the latest rejects from the muppet show wag their tits and their dicks as they lip-synch on screen.
There's something I don't like about a band who always smiles.
Another tax write-off for some schmuck who doesn't care.

M.T.V. Get off the air!

And so it was, our beloved corporate gods claimed they created rock video.
Allowing it to sink as low in one year
As commercial TV has in 25.
"It's the new frontier," they say.
It's wide open, anything can happen
But you've got a lot of nerve to call yourself a pioneer when you're too god-damn conservative to take real chances.

Tin-eared graph-paper brained accountants instead of music fans call all the shots at giant record companies now.

The lowest common denominator rules
Forget honesty
Forget creativity
The dumbest buy the mostest
That's the name of the game

But sales are slumping
And no one will say why
Could it be they put out one too many lousy records?!? (Yes, hell yes - RR)
by Ricky Roma January 30, 2004
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Music TeleVision.
A channel that now plays only reality shows that do not contain music, and are not real. Just like all the other reality shows, they are staged.
One gigant commercial trying to tell people that you are only worth living if you are hot, or can play music.
MTV is some mother fucking bull shit. It is not music.
by Matt b June 15, 2003
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need i say any more?????????????
im gonna be like everyone else and watch mtv
by freddy shreddy January 03, 2004
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