The short written form for the word Empty
The coffee pot is MT
by sarsfieldk June 21, 2019
On twitter, MT stands for "modified tweet."
LOL! MT @thisperson ... Bewbs? Looks like a typical Saturday afternoon.
by c-me July 7, 2011
Also Known as "Missed Tell" which is usually a term for an MMORPG when someone mistakenly speaks to you on the game.
Gorgo: Hey im coming soon
Gorgo: Oops MT
Fayr: lol np
by CDOOLIN March 30, 2007
Term used in MMORPG to denote Main Tank. Main Tanks job is to hold aggression(aggro) of a mob while rest of group attacks with the MA ( Main Assist)
Z will be MT during this raid, everyone else follow the MA
by Z Mayes June 21, 2005
Monied Trash: The segment of the wealthy population that lacks education, social grace, and a basic understanding of values in their society. MT does not discriminate by race, sex, or creed. . . as long as a person drives a Ferrari but can't spell it, chances are, they're MT.
Have I seen "Real Housewives of Vancouver"? Does it look like I'm MT? I'm embarrassed to say I even know that show exists.

Lisa's new condo was pure MT: lots of glass, granite and glossy magazines. . . which were undoubtedly purchased just for the pictures. Like all MT homes, any evidence of actual reading ever taking place is conspicuously absent.
by M-squire June 21, 2012
Daddy ,loyal, good friend, smart, loves to eat, and single so get at him lady's.
MT is single
by Mthiengkt October 26, 2018
MT can be short or microtransactions and is sometimes used to refer to the sale of virtual goods in online games, like World of Warcraft.
That they'll (ex. Blizzard) get greedy and try to nickel-and-dime us with MTs.
by Sliv3r January 13, 2010