mistell - when you say the wrong thing to the wrong person/people at the wrong time.
-Alliance chat-
Lloth: end praxesa I'm looking forward to our webcam session later on...it makes me really horny
Lloth: omfg
Lloth: mt
Praxesa: no shit :P
by Lloth July 27, 2003
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Also Known as "Missed Tell" which is usually a term for an MMORPG when someone mistakenly speaks to you on the game.
Gorgo: Hey im coming soon
Gorgo: Oops MT
Fayr: lol np
by CDOOLIN March 30, 2007
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Term used in MMORPG to denote Main Tank. Main Tanks job is to hold aggression(aggro) of a mob while rest of group attacks with the MA ( Main Assist)
Z will be MT during this raid, everyone else follow the MA
by Z Mayes June 21, 2005
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Monied Trash: The segment of the wealthy population that lacks education, social grace, and a basic understanding of values in their society. MT does not discriminate by race, sex, or creed. . . as long as a person drives a Ferrari but can't spell it, chances are, they're MT.
Have I seen "Real Housewives of Vancouver"? Does it look like I'm MT? I'm embarrassed to say I even know that show exists.

Lisa's new condo was pure MT: lots of glass, granite and glossy magazines. . . which were undoubtedly purchased just for the pictures. Like all MT homes, any evidence of actual reading ever taking place is conspicuously absent.
by M-squire June 21, 2012
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Acronym for Market Terminating Slut: (emm-tee-ess), slang, also pronounced: MuTS (muhts)
*1.) Term used to describe the women who reduce or terminate the market of available good men. The selfish, insecure, or unfaithful female who had a good man, but ruined him for the rest of us.

*2.) In the adult entertainment industry (exotic dancers, professional escorts, etc.), term commonly used to describe females who hate because they lack either the courage or physical beauty to be compensated for providing a man pleasurable experiences, so they do the same thing for free (or for minimal gain such as lunch or dinner) with multiple men who are not THEIR man. Usually a hybrid combination of Lunch Ho and sick ho, typically justifies her behavior rather than feel ho-guilt.

*1.) "Paul is a great guy, but he has trust issues and commitment issues because his ex was an M.T.S.

*2.) "Girl, these MTS are f'ing up the game. "

Happy, secure woman: "Of course I don't care if my man spends a few dollars at a strip club with his friends on his birthday. I know he'll come back home ready to give ME a party. At least he's not out screwing around with MTS."

Sad, rightfully angry woman: "My man doesn't come home at all. He's probably in a parking lot somewhere with his sidepiece right now. That nasty M.T.S."
by lolabunnie December 27, 2012
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