You are absolutely DISGUSTING, RECRUIT! You are an abomination to the human race, you are probably the sorriest, most pathetic failed abortion I have ever laid eyes upon!!! GET YOUR SORRY ASS ON MY QUARTERDECK RIGHT NOW!!! You got 1098765432 and ONE!!!! BITCH I SAID YOU'RE DONE MOVING!!! OH OKAY, okay, Recruit Fuckface doesn't want to stop moving! GET OUTSIDE MY SQUAD BAY RIGHT NOW!!! OK, GET IN THE SQUAD BAY RIGHT NOW!!! OUT!!! IN!!! OUT!!! Bitch say, "Aye sir!" OK Bitch, SCREAM "AYE SIR!" I swear to God if you don't say something, something BAD's gonna happen to you!
by The United States Marine Corps October 24, 2008
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My recruiter signed me up as infantry and I wanted to be an engineer. I should have researched all the jobs in the military before I signed up.
by Jimmy June March 18, 2010
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enlist new members.
We have to recruit students to join chess club so that it won't have to disband due to lack of enrollment.
by Morgan T November 10, 2006
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The foot soldiers that work for The Rascals.
The recruits were sent by the rascals to gain information on us.
by ChuggaluganCheezer08 October 14, 2023
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A person who continually is confused with an employee of the unemployment office. Out of work IT people who do not have the skills to result in employment will often direct their frustration towards an IT recruiter for not being able to find them a job.
IT Recruiter: Sorry, (person lacking skills) but the client wasnt interested in interviewing you.

Person lacking skills: Well, then can you try to find me something else

IT Recruiter: Finding a job for you is your job not mine, the client pays me for filling their positions, not finding you a job.
by IT Recruiter May 5, 2005
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1. the act or process of recruiting.

2. Kind of like recruitment…….but not
We're working on the recruition of new members into our group.
by jenestra February 4, 2010
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Information Technology Recruiter.

A person that knows nothing about technology and is unable to learn technology.

A pretender - one who attempts to "talk the talk" with IT people, but earns no respect.

A person that has little or no common sense.

A talent-less leach that makes money from the talents of IT people.

A person who believes that you have 4 years of experience with Windows 2003...

A person who tries to push you into a dead-end entry level job even though you have over 10 years of IT experience.

A person that will call you up to ask you things that are detailed on your resume (that they didn’t read).

A person that will ask you if you are interested in a (low end) job 300 miles from the major city that you live in despite the fact that you indicated that you were NOT interested in relocating.

A person who doesnt know what a BOX is.
In November of 2003, this moron calls me and asks me a bunch of stupid questions. When he asks me how many years of experience I had with Windows Server 2003, I thought he was joking, so I said: "FOUR". He didnt laugh and he didnt question me...

...So I said to the loser as he carried his belongings to his car after being fired: "Hey Tom - NOW do you know what a BOX is!? It's what you're carrying!"
by IT_GU_RU February 11, 2004
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