typically a noise of passion or pleasure spoken or shouted by someone during sex.
ooo... oh... OHH OHH oooH OHHHH YEAH!

mm... ah. mm...mmm...MMM..YEAH YEAH YEAH!

all spoken typically in high pitchs.
by fuck me harder March 14, 2004
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A noise girls make during sex, masturbation, or make-outs depending on the difficulty.
Ella: “UH! UH! *moans* THIS FEELS..GREAT! *moans* IT’S IN THERE! MY HAND IS TASTING IT! UH! *moans*”

Ella (But sex not masturbation): AH! *moans* YOU’RE FUCKING ME SO HARD! *moans* IT FEELS SO GOOD, KEEP PUSHING IT IN HARDER..*moans* HARDER!!”

(Another room)
Justin: “Is that Ella?”
Alexis: “I think she’s moaning.”
Justin: “Ugh..she’s probably masturbating.”
Alexis: “Or having sex..possibly a make-out.”
Justin: “Ugh. She’s fucking gross.”
Alexis: “Uh..*puts hands between legs* *moans* UH! SHE’S SO LUCKY!”
Justin: “What the fuck..nope I’m out.”
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by Mėlœ June 23, 2019
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The sound a girl makes when she’s being pleasured by her daddy
Daddy’s slut: *Moan* OHHHH DADDY! FUCK *moan* YOUR DICK INTO ME HARDER!* loud moan* It feels soooooooooo GOOooODDDDd whennn you fuck me like that!!!! *Moan*
by DARKER MATTER April 20, 2019
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what i’m doimg rn baby
oooh fuck yes right there baby, i’m so close oh goooood”

Guy: “I got her moaning so loud last night bro”
by moaningbabe2.0 November 12, 2017
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the low sound made during sex, or during intense make out sessions. could be loud in some cases depending on intensity.
romeo: aaaah!! you rock my balls baby aaaahhh!!!
juliet: mmmmm!!! give it to me ousssssss!!! oussss!!!!! mmmmmm!!
by pimpsville August 07, 2004
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Noun) 1. A sound

2. An object from one of the world wars that people made (generally woman) to honour their

husbands/brothers/sons/grandfathers who were going off to war and to let people know who was going.
Verb) A sound
N) 1. A man moaned in despair.

2. A woman made a moan for her husband who went off to war.
V) A woman moaned quietly about her dead son in the corner.
by Sam and Dean the hunters September 17, 2018
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