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One who is godly strong, majestically powerfull. Generally have very large testies. Can break a bitch in bed.
by bigballedmofo January 18, 2009
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A name mostly used in Belgium or the Netherlands. It rather comes of as a gay-sounding version of the Anglo-Saxon name 'Michael'.
Though exceptions may exist, most people named 'Michiel' are rather nerdy. They wear proudly their prepubescent facial hair and most of them have god-awful Justin Bieber-like hairstyles. Since most of them -again : exceptions may exist- are bullied they spend their living days smoking marihuana leftovers. It has been reported that a couple of people named 'Michiel' all spend their weekends playing Runescape on their computers while they had cucumbers inserted in their anuses. Scientists have yet to decide wheter it's a coincidence or not.
''Hi, what's your name ?''

''My name is Michiel.''

by begs91 March 11, 2011
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