A boomer who runs a cryptocurrency service known as Schlatt and Co which distributes schlattcoin on the SMP Live Minecraft server. He made the greatest Minecraft video in existence "A Tribute to Minecraft"

he also hates stal.
Person: Jschlatt please for the love of god just press control to sprint it's not that hard you absolute boomer
by xxxadicion July 27, 2019
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a big guy, sexier than most, a bit on the wild side, con-artist and money connoisseur .
“jschlatt took my money” says person A, “no he didn’t” says person B
by Dilsers April 16, 2021
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He is God.
Person 1: Hey you seen jschlatt recently?
person 2: Yeah i have, i see him everyday. He is god after all.
by JschlattisGod March 31, 2021
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boomer who invented schlattcoin, the most powerful currency. also invented the legendary artifact, the cuck shed. a true god amongst men.
person 1: hey, are you religious?
person 2: of course i am, i worship jschlatt
by random user #1.797e+308 September 29, 2020
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someone:hey you know jschlatt?
me:ya, he’s the controversial one
by klotaylorsversion August 15, 2021
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Jschlatt, also known as: Schlatt, Schlattina, Schlattius Maximus, JallmeSchlarson, JonathanSchlatt, Big Hot Man, and more, is an American ex twitch streamer and YouTuber who makes funny videos. He is also famous for the mass murders he commuted during 1999 and for his time as a 5 star popcorn chef. (I just thought this gif was funny btw)
Person 1: hey, have you seen any of JSchlatt’s streams in the past month?
Person 2: Haha nice one.
by Babylikethemovie September 16, 2020
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The American Idol.
He is my God.
Guy 1: watch jschlatt on twitch buy twotch prime
by Buytwitchprime September 30, 2019
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