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Losing something you can't find like the MH370 plane that's somewhere in this world.
"I had a pen but then it went all MH370 on me and now I can't find it"
by Jess24601 March 20, 2014
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The largest item to win Hide and Seek: 2014 in its weight category.
ANON1: Dude, have you seen Jeromy yet?
ANON2: No, Jeromy is sure playing it like MH370.
by Rumble Bumble March 18, 2014
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When you masturbate and, upon ejaculation, lose track of some of the fluid so that you either can't find it and give up, or it appears later in a completely surprising location.
Me: So I was jacking off last night, but I had an MH370 and I'm not sure where some of the jizz went...
Them: Did you give up looking for it?
Me: No, I found it a few hours later on the other side of my room...
by bombombiggity October 13, 2015
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