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Highly intelligent individual who designs things that make the world a better place. Jeromy(s) are great friends and extremly loyal. They are exceptional in bed and usually have a large penis!
Every woman should have some Jeromy in their bed!!
by Little Red Ride her man June 07, 2010
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Someone who is shy at first and once known and loosens up will be the most outgoing, honest and most outspoken person you'll know. Not only that, they are women pleasers, strickly yours for life, great in bed and well hung.
If Jeromy rolls up and you really get to know him. Really really get to know him and he'll get to know you inside and out.
by ThickPlugInPlay June 13, 2018
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Undesirable . He has a dark personality that will blow out any candles and turn off any light. His heart is soo cold it can freeze hell on contact. He is so hairy he can make enough tshirts for an entire foster home just by using the hair on his left buttcheek. He is so ugly he once walked into a haunted house and left with an application. He sheds so much we went to a National Park and the Rangers arrested for littering. He is so stupid, he could not put MMs in alphabetical order. Horrible with women. His ideal date is ... Who I am kidding? He can't get a date!
stupid Jeromy Jeromy's crack Jeromy is trash Jeromy has no nads smash Jeromy dark Jeromy Jeromy cold as ice Jeromy on ice Jeromy cold as solid CO2
by Eldest Bro April 19, 2011
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