ZF, also known as the ZF clan or Zero Fucks clan, is a community of gamers from all over the world, who are known for their dirty humour and a wide spectrum of ridiculousness. The YouTuber and livestreamer who goes by the name of SovietWomble is often portrayed as their face and mascot, along with several other names. A lot of them stream and have their own audiences, but they are known to reference eachother quite often.
by Vic2ria February 25, 2018
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In World of Warcraft, short for Zul'Farrak, a level 40-50 instance dungeon located in the northwest corner of Tanaris, home to the Sandfury trolls.
keelznoobz: LFM ZF NEED HEALER
by nphp May 14, 2007
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ZFS= Zip, Flop, Suck
unzip, flop your schlong out, and have the object of your agression suck it good'n'hard.
Work is realy shitting me, and my boss is riding me hard. Well he can go ZFS me
by [OAS].TiNY November 1, 2005
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