Master File Table (MFT)

An NTFS system file on NTFS-formatted volumes that contains information about each file and folder on the volume. The MFT is the first file on an NTFS volume.
by Flamin Homer April 25, 2003
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Acronym - meme formatted text. A format using meme-esque font.

Noun - the format of which memes unaccompanied by a picture are recorded.
The meme was in MFT, so you could trust it was legit.
by Crunch 'N Stuff May 31, 2018
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MFT( monogamous fun time ) - No holidays, family funcitons, double dates, or work parties are expected in the arrangement. The goal is for both parties to enjoy in the sins of the flesh with each other alone which allows a balance of emotions in everyday life with individuals who are between certain stages in life.
Jack and Jill were at the same stage in life where they focus on individual objectives while not having a future idealistic relationship. The best option for Jack and Jill was the MFT.

Jack and Jill had a MFT going on that was awesome, lots of sex!
by SAB the bitch August 28, 2011
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Ty:so you wit her now?
Rees: she moved out because, she thought i cheated on her.

Ty: so MFT. thats what hoes will say and do.
by agentberd April 15, 2015
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My Fucking Type:That girl you always wanted to fuck but she wouldn't let you so you fuck all the girls that look like her
Dude i just saw this total MFT
by IdontlooklikeaCOP August 21, 2017
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