"I went to the airport at the wrong time ... and missed my flight. MEEES !!!"
by Henway54 October 22, 2019
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An idiom used when an observer notices their friend engaged in an extremely self-centered digression. Serves as a reality check. Inspired through the interactions of siblings: Charlene and Sherwin.
Sherwin: And then, at the tender age of 12, I got my black belt in teakwondo, and then I won a bunch of awards in school and soon you'll be calling me Dr. Sherwin.
Charlene: Well "it's all about meee meee meee" isn't it?
by hommie-g November 9, 2014
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Something your BFF will send you on messages after you embarrass them. lel
Amber whyyyy did u do this to meee!

I just felt like doing it.
by lel- January 22, 2022
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A person who hurts them self and talks to very few people and asks their mom for a lot of stuff
Girl 1: Did u hear of MEEE
Girl 2 :Yes my mom was a MEEE
Girl 1: no way sorry for her
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The definition of meee moooo is this *you see Amelia ball and go meeeee mooooo*
by Leqon bonquque March 1, 2023
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