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He is the type of person you meet in your lifetime that not only catches your eye but your heart, body and most importantly your soul. Once you get to know him, his warm charismatic aura can get one attached very quickly.. he will always teach you things and have interesting memories to share with you. Every move you make, something will remind you of him. He will win over the hearts of many, and if you ever get the opportunity to have meet someone so amazing, treasure it forever. It's a once in a lifetime experience.

He is the type of person that every single day, every time you pray, you will be missing him. His hard, emotionless facade can be broken down by the right person and that is when you can fall in-love. His willingness to please everyone else is always put before his own happiness.

And should the day comes that you no longer have him in your life, sit back and think, "How lucky am I to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard" - Winnie the Pooh

Til that day when I see your face again.
Everyone in their lives need to experience that Sherwin kind of love and connection.
by SoulG June 10, 2016
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The King of Sandwiches (Beef in particular) and a stellar physical specimen that makes Apollo, the Son of Zeus, seem weak and powerless.

The name Sherwin also bears the burden of a luminescent aura of charisma that attracts the opposite sex with a force so fierce that in most cases the subject is forced to gain extra weight as to control the libido of members of the opposite sex in the immediate vicinity.
Person A.) How does Sherwin fingerblast so many hot chicks?
Person B.) It must be his huge hog.
by Walter Vito De Volvo January 16, 2008
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The Supreme Chancellor of Sandwiches who can whip up your hearts wildest desires in an instant. Simply known as a sandwich God. Long story short, Sherwin is the reincarnation of Yeezus.
P1:Sherwin's sandwiches are divine.

P2: Well he is Yeezus.
by Sherwin Williams Paint January 31, 2015
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1.Delicious, talented, set apart, God's gift to women and a man after God's own heart. Intellectual and musically talented.
2.Carrying the ability to read and steal the hearts and minds of complex, multifaceted, sexy, set apart South American girls.
3.The most irresistably attractive, funny and intelligent person in the history of humanity. The sexiest nerd one will ever meet.
4.Unforgettable in every way.
5.Taken. :)
I could use a delicious Sherwin right now.
If only more men were like Sherwin.
Gotta love my horizontal Irishman. What a Sherwin!
OMG, is that a Sherwin? Never thought I'd see one of those!
by ShalomDei March 08, 2009
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Someone that acts gay and has "gayed" up hair in the wind.
This name also refers to people with mental problems, and has physical appearance disabilities also.
Ew, that sherwin has some gayed up hair.
by kathleeeen July 31, 2006
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