Mentally Challenged Individual. Alternatively: Narcissist.
One who deems it necessary to write an overbearing definition of one's own name. This often involves cringe-worthy remarks of one's own personality, bodily features, or past 'achievements.' Definitions such as this often originate from the minds of those who peaked in middle school. It is advised by experts that those who view such definitions before they are admitted into this esteemed database are to deny them at all costs.
Marcy: Oh look! a definition of my name!

'Marcy is the sexiest Indian girl you will ever meet! she is so awesome, she is awesome, wow she is so cool. Also, she has the coolest eyes which are green wow. She also is awesome.'
Marcy: wow this definition doesn't apply to me at all. The more I read it, I begin to realize this person must be one of those MCIs. We really need to prevent those from entering this esteemed database.
by Future Dictionary February 12, 2019
MCI stands for Meme Comic Indonesia, a cancerous community where good memes are killed by 12 y.o kids. They also stole other people's meme
Person 1: Hey, look at my new meme! I'm gonna post it on my facebook

Person 2: That's a good meme, dude! But careful. MCI may steal your meme and claim it as their own meme

Hours later...

Person 1: Goddamit! I saw my meme being posted by MCI on their fanspage! They didn't even add my credits!

Person 2: Too bad, mate... There's no way they will listen to your complain
by sklsll June 21, 2015
A school located in Markham. It was built by one person named Gurleen Narula she painted all the walls with pictures of zain malik
1: What high school are you from?

2: I'm from Mci.
by Zaynylover April 8, 2021