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The greatest Indian girl you will ever meet, usually very educated. She has a great sense of humor and many good friends. She is easy to trust, and amazing to know. She spreads happiness and knowledge where ever she steps. She has a million dollar smile, and loves to laugh. She is sometimes mistaken as too plain and quiet because of her shy and reserved nature in public, but she truly opens up only to people she sees worth her time. While young she is adorable and persevering, as an adult she is beautiful and successful. She is not very common, but a treasure if you find her, like a rare gem.
Girl 1: Wow, that Gurleen sure is a great girl.
Boy 1: Yeah, I know right, she's so good at everything, how does she do it?

Boy 2: Who's the smart girl with the adorably, great smile?
Girl 2: Oh, that's Gurleen, you should meet her, she's simply AMAZING!
by calimami234 April 10, 2010
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Gurleen is an amazing person, kind hearted, sweet and completely selfless. She is a bit freaky in the sheets so watch out for hand grenades, whips and battle axes. she has beautiful dark eyes that you could get lost in. sometimes they can be red because she is in a cult and will chop your head off in the name of satan. gurleen is the type of girl you want to be around if you need a stolen car, gun, drugs or alchohol. she has a nice heart(devoted to satan). she is very sarcastic and sometimes rude but it's all in good spirit. be seen with gurleen and your popularity will shoot right down:)
girl 1:is that gurleen?
boy 1: don't get to close she's carrying her battle axe
by buddyno April 12, 2017
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