Putting ones finger into ones own anus in order to satisfy sexual needs not met by an ugly wife.
She can't ever satisfy me, so I have to Mcelroy it again.
by Nick and Linda November 10, 2007
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The process of a male chopping off his testicles, shaves off his pubes, then cums on his victims fourhead, and sticks his pubes and balls to their head.
Man I got McElroy Sacleroy last night
by Slappity Slap March 08, 2017
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The act of eating a girls pussy whIle she is giving another guy a blowjob.
Yesterday on your boat I totally dirty mcelroyed that bitch.
by Melvin Goodwin February 17, 2010
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Three brothers who make very wholesome and fun generally 14+ comedy content. This ranges from giving (bad?) advice, playing Dungeons and Dragons with their father, discussing historical medical practices, and just havin a laugh.
“What did you do this weekend?”

“Oh I got caught up on some of the McElroy Brothers’ content! I love MBMBAM!”
by undead_science August 22, 2019
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In general, the cheesy mcelroy is a sex act in which you dump a plate of warm cheese fries on your partner when they aren't expecting it. The cheese fries may be from anywhere, and what you do after (eat them or throw them out) doesn't matter. However, the surprise is necessary, otherwise it's just weird.


cheesier mcelroy (same as the cheesy mcelroy except with more cheese)
cheesiest mcelroy (at this point you're just dumping queso dip on your partner)
hard cheesy mcelroy (basically you throw them as hard as you can at your partner)

So he was really going at it and the all of the sudden he up and does a cheesy mcelroy! I didn't even know he had the cheese fries!
by Cheesy MacCheese November 14, 2009
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The best person i the world. Very good at everything, but science. And has many friends!
Patrick McElroy is the best person in the world. Is amazing at Fortnite and Fifa
by Patrick jenny March 12, 2019
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