A monstrous cock or monster cock is an unusually but pleasantly large penis. Impressive both length-wise and in girth, a man with an M.C can usually expect a round of applause whenever he disrobes. He is a God amoung men and rocks a harem of ho's, all of whom adore him. After it has been established that a man is rocking a monster cock, a first name is no longer appropriate and he should be called only "M.C".
C Dub never returned to the office that day. It was later revealed that she couldn't return after sitting on an M.C. most of the afternoon. The bitch could barey walk.

I don't care if he's broke, his M.C. is all I need.

She couldn't tear her eyes from the bulge in his pants. She had a sneaking suspicion that he was rocking an M.C..
by LuvsMCs November 07, 2007
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"Me cago" spanish phrase meaning you are laughing real hard..
haha that movie is so funny mc when i see it.
by HEEHIN October 09, 2010
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The dickhead in the background of Armin Only: Imagine (2008) who would introduce the acts and talk absolute shit that nobody wants to hear at the most inappropriate times.
Man I wish that MC would just shut the fuck up!

Ohhh, here's that fag of an MC on stage again. I wish he would just piss off!
by townB September 16, 2008
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To add MC in front of any word makes it that much more intense. It gives more meaning and more excitement.
I went to that concert and man it was MClame.

Im feeling very MCmellow today.

I think your a MClop
by Ms.Peaches April 07, 2010
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The most assfaced person of all times, very gay and n00bish.

=J= M-C came to my house yesterday
-L- OMG john, you are a grade-A tosser!
=J= I know :-(
by MS January 30, 2005
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sweetass soccer goalie and hockey player as well as beast laxer. is also so hot and looks damn good in her plaid
--wow, do you see that girl over there?
--yeah, shes hot- it must be mc
by mmmm August 26, 2004
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