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A game invented by the Scots a long time ago. A good escape from doing your urban, busy-body, depressing crap. Also a good way to meet cute guys.
Have you ever been to a golf camp? Buah-ha-ha!
by maybealice June 30, 2004
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Pretty, nice, awesome, cool, sweet!
"I got a new skateboard!"
by maybealice June 30, 2004
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McMuffin, McBurger, McFlurry, McNuggets, McFatty-fat
by maybealice May 30, 2004
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A person who will do anything for a cause or goal.
A person who can take it like a man.
John stood on line for tickets to Spamalot for ten hours. He is a true die-hard Monty Python Fan.
by maybealice May 21, 2006
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Kisses. "Mwah" is a kiss, and "z" makes it plural.
luv ya. many mwaz.
by maybealice May 2, 2004
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Chant from the 2004 playoffs between the Yankees and the Red Sox, directed at Pedro Martinez, pitcher for the Sox.
Yankees down 8-1.
What's that? I hear a chant!
by maybealice October 21, 2004
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