In the hip hop world the most confused word would be MC the word is obvious to be Master of Ceremonies,but what does it mean. In order for music in general to put your mind at ease in a state of relaxation, it needs to trigger your left and right lobes in the brain, they have to be in ceremony there for the people that are emcing have to put you in harmony.
When a tribe called quest says that the term mc means master of ceremonies and that most mc dont know what that term means.
by onlyermo October 3, 2006
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A Master of Ceremonies (MC) in the Catholic Church, is a server who is "in charge" of making sure everything during Mass is done correctly. He assists the Priest during High Mass and may also be present at other liturgical functions.
The Master of Ceremonies (MC) got mad that the Thurifer accidentally set the Sacristy on fire.
by Skyrim550 December 17, 2021
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