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McSchool refers to a shit college, that anyone with an IQ above 70 can get into. Often alumni of McSchool find themselves in interviews where the interviewer has to ask where? or is that accredited? Many of these schools are considered prestigous among the elites of academia; but in all practicality the degree is only useful for wiping ones own ass with. (See also any school ending in the word State)
Boss: That Lance kid is one smart bastard, where did he go to school?

Manager: He went to some McSchool down south and played football.

Boss: Poor bastard, in that case the promotion goes to that douchebag from the Ivy League.
by dickdieseldaddy May 13, 2009
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Slang term used in the TESL world to describe a school that hires anyone, never gives you you're paycheck, refuses to give you the benefits stated in your contract, fires you a week before your contract ends to get out of paying your bonus, and fires you as well as revokes your working VISA the minute you complain. McSchools are the jobs you usually have to take to get your foot in the door and to add experience to your resume. Most of the people who take 'gap years' to teach English overseas tend to work at McSchools as they are the only places that will hire them.
Sarah had to do a midnight run and left nearly all of her posessions after her employers revoked her VISA all because she complained to the McSchool that hired her about her missing paychecks.
by ihatebkcih April 22, 2011
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