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Any "seeker sensitive" church that seeks to draw in new members by focusing more on entertainment of the members, rather than transforming their lives. Similar to megachurch but much more derogratory, the McChurch features un-challenging milktoast theology for the masses, a music team that resembles a corporate band more than a committed team of talented church members, and sanitized "christian" versions of cafe's, fitness centers, and food courts so as to further line the church's pockets and insulate the members from the outside world. Such churches generally cater to caucasian, middle class, suburban families who are able to drive for miles to the nearly rural locations of these 4 acre campuses.
Geez, have you been to that new McChurch up on freeway yet? I've never seen more FUV's and PT Cruisers since that last Jimmy Buffett concert.
by Rex Cavendish December 11, 2006
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A prefix placed in front of a noun to connote an inherent attribute of either malaise, homogenization, gratuitous commercialism, mediocrity, or any combination thereof. In other words, add Mc to any noun to give it a tincture of everything the McDonalds empire has given to (or taken away from) the landscape of American culture.
by Rex Cavendish November 2, 2005
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1. A "peace-at-any-price" person.
2. One who makes any and all concessions necessary to keep the situation copesetic, pleasant, and non-confrontational in the short term without regard to the long term consequences.
Someone who can't say no to anyone, even if the other person isn't necessarily argumentative or contrary.
by Rex Cavendish February 9, 2005
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A trivial, ephemeral fact; yet just as accurate. Not to be confused with factoid, which denotes less than accurate.
After a little research, it turns out that Jim's little factoid the other night was actually a factlet. (This will change how people think about President Taft).
by Rex Cavendish December 20, 2005
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Any musak heard in a laundromat in the 1970's. Experience is perfected by the presence of avacado green dryers, burnt umber washing machines, wallpaper with orange asterisks, contact paper on the countertops festooned with olive drab polka-dotted mushrooms, and Family Circle magazines in the seating area.
Ann Murray
The Carpenters
Percy Faith
Les Baxter
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
by Rex Cavendish May 24, 2005
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Similar to tract housing, Bedroom Community, and suburb. A suburb for whom any possibility of individual character or personality has been rampantly homogonized by unregulated commercialism; as the 'Mc' prefix would denote. Residential "units" are within 3 ft. of eachother. Retail strip centers lack independent businesses of any kind, primarily big box, high volume stores. Cultural enrichment opportunities such as venues for the performing arts and museums are nowhere to be found as they are not as monetarily profitable of use of the land they occupy as retail or residential would be.
We must be in a McBurb, honey. Haven't seen an independently owned retailer for miles, and everything looks the same.
by Rex Cavendish February 22, 2006
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To take anything of Mexican culture (food, music, art, etc.), and water it down to appeal to a caucasian American customer base.
Why must this brand of picante sauce have to gringify their formula beyond recognition? A salad would be tastier.

This mariachi group is so gringified, even blue hair's are buying their CD's.

And last but not least, "Nachos, Flanders style!" (cucumbers with cottage cheese)
by Rex Cavendish March 13, 2007
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