Motor Boating Pediatrician. A Pediatrician who enjoys natural breasts and motor-boating them.
Dang that MBP soiled his sweats at the strip club.

My MBP has a fondness for farm animals and frequenting strip clubs.
by sea net playa March 6, 2019
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Acronym used by MacBook Pro owners to show off and to seem/feel superior to their interlocutors, especially if they have PCs.
Mainly when texting.
- wait, I'll see if I got that music on my MBP
- your what ?
- my MacBook Pro, dude !
by MBP showing off owner March 12, 2011
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My Big Penis. Easy isn't it, to remember?
Used to simplfy a comment. Often used in dirty talk or simple SMS.
1. <SMS> do u wnt 2 play wih MBP?
2. I just wanted to say that MBP is the best ^^Y
by Maxwell Jones July 3, 2006
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MBP: means Maniac Bald Person.
Britney became a MBP when she tried to kill a car with her umbrella.
by Sydney; [SMD] =] January 22, 2008
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I stopped the MBP. People are super stoked on me, even if they dont know it. Excelsior!
by chillin5k April 29, 2006
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megabytes per second
its installing at 23 mbps
by ooaids December 23, 2017
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mandatory black person. in a group of males/females, it is always necessary to have at least one mbp in the group. just in case you need someone to translate ghetto speak or get you the best friend chicken. obviously mbp's are necessary.
1: dude we need some friend chicken.
2: dont worry, my mbp is already on it.

1: damn. all the blacks in school are used. we cant go out without an mbp.
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