What the resident's of Northern Maine call the people from Southern Maine, most of whom migrated from Massachussetts.
One Mainer says to another, " Those MASS-HOLES are everywhere !"
by jpg3 July 9, 2011
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Asshole from Massachusetts. Most commonly used for describing Massachusetts (Boston)drivers
I can't believe that Mass-hole just blew through that red light.
by Tanuki01 September 4, 2008
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the loudmouth, arrogant jerks living in Massachusetts
On my way into Boston, some Mass-hole cut me off. This city's full of them...
by NYY in MA June 11, 2007
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Offensive slang for someone who comes from Massatcheusetts.
Slow down man, you're driving like a mass-hole!
by the pope June 7, 2004
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What we Rhode Islanders call the Massachusett drivers, when they drive like crap, ie: cutting people off, no directional signal, changing lanes three at a time or better yet passing in the breakdown lane.
Loook at that mass-hole, he just cut across three lanes with no directional
by 97jeepgrand January 21, 2010
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A contemptuous term for people from the state of Massachusetts. Of course it comes from the words 'MASSachusetts' + 'ASSholes'. Sometimes it's used chiefly for the people of the Greater Boston Area (Lexington, Concord, Boston itself, Salem, etc. And some people just narrow it down to Bostonians themselves.
1. In 2019 I took a very long but much-needed vacation to cities and sites I had never been to before. I visited Ottawa and Quebec City, drove thru Quebec Province and reentered the USA via Maine. I drove extensively thru every state in New England that I hadn't been thru before. Part of that was the American Revolution Minuteman Park at Lexington and Concord . After eating a filling, delicious meal of clam 'chowdah', I got into my 'cah' and explored Boston all afternoon and early evening. Driving there is CRAZY. My tour book warned about 'MASS-holes' but the real problem is the constant flow of traffic. You DO get to see a lot, however. It's fun.
2. During my 2019 vacation BION 'MASS-hole' drivers weren't the rudest ones that I had to deal with. It was the drivers in Providence, Rhode Island who were bigger assholes than the 'MASS-holes'. Driving in Boston is wild and wooly but it wasn't anywhere as it wad in Providence. They are rude!
3. After my adventures in Rhode Island and Connecticut, I reentered Massachusetts and visited the Dr. Seuss Museum and Sculpture Garden (salute to my youth) in Springfield. Driving there was easy, no 'MASS-hole' drivers.
4. Last year the racist militia shits and disciples of the Cult of Donnie Traitor Douchebag TrashTrumpChump were fucking off at Boston Common for 'freedumb' rallies, spreading the virus, endangering children, acting like the shit heads they are - they were WORSE than any MASS-holes could ever be.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 8, 2021
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Spoiling the Mass Effect 3 ending so bad you have to stop playing the game and having to go play something else. All cause of some idiot fan-boy that didn't like the ending. And that's all you keep talking about on your blog,twitter,Facebook page and you won't shut up! about it.
Mass Hole

Sheppard dies at the ending of mass Effect 3 IF you didn't know that already OOPS! sorry I spoiled the ending I am mad at Bioware and I am filing a complaint with the FCC. Cause I am a complete loser and I have way to much time on my hands.
by Social Assassin March 20, 2012
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