MAP - An aviation term short for Missed Approach Point on an instrument approach.
We're at the MAP, i see the runway, so I'll land.
by dflyboy June 10, 2005
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Hi kids! I’m a MAP! My aoa is 5-7 so feel free to talk to me whenever!”
by saveourplanetplease May 24, 2019
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Montenegrin American Princess

A girl who is born in America but is from Montenegrin heritage. Monegro is a VERY VERY small country somewhere in Europe, nobody is really sure where because it is so small.
wow, that girl Angela is such a MAP. love her.
by lilmissmontegro April 12, 2011
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A nice term used for a fucking pedo. Anyone who identifies as a “minor attracted persons” (or map) wants to fuck children.

Worst of all they undid a good 20 years of work by the LGBTQ community to be accepted because NOW EVERYONE THINGS WE ACCEPT PEDOPHILES. THE TRUTH IS THAT WE DON’T. DON’T LISTEN TO THEM WHEN THEY SAY WE DO.
If you see a map or someone close to you comes out as a fucking child predator, please, promptly hit them with a chair, and call the police.
Person 1: Hey bro you wanted to tell me something?
MAP: Well yeah, I’ve been meaning to tell you something.
Person 1: I’m just going to say right here, if you are gay, I fully accept you no matter what.
MAP:Kind of
Person 1: Bisexual?
MAP: No I’m an MAP
Person 1: YOU FUCK KIDS. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! *hits with chair*
Person 1: Hello 911 I would like to report a child predator.
by HollySmith987654321 February 2, 2021
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a “MAP” is a hell bound individual who has the notion that being attracted to children is a real sexuality and not what it is, which is sick and twisted pedophilia. They claim that it stands for “Minor Attracted Person”, but it is just pedophilia.
Sam: So I heard that the synagogue down the street was full of maps!
Matt: Don’t call them Maps, they are pedophiles.
by I hate greenies January 25, 2021
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Men Are Pigs. a statement regarding the male tendency to degrade women.
male: "Shut up, men are talking"
female "MAP, one fucking day you'll wake up without your liitle friend"
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Mapping is a niche genre of video on YouTube that usually involves a map and the countries on it are like sentient beings and talk for some reason. It's really hard to explain.
Person 1: What the hell are you watching Jimmy? Why does it say that the Fifth French Republic wants to have intimate sexual relations with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? That makes no sense!
Person 2: It's just mapping. It's really popular in like, uh, Bosnia-Herzegovina and stuff.
by sabyrcus November 25, 2021
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