Something navigators forget to mention before you begin a long journey and get lost.
"I thought navigators could read maps!"

"Im sorry but I just tell people the 'right' way to go...who needs maps anyway."
by Sarah to peeps July 21, 2005
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This is an acronym for the three greatest holes a girl has to offer. Her Mouth, her Ass, and her Pussy. Not necessairly in that order. It makes it a lot easier to simply refer to a MAP than to spell everything out for your buddies. See map
"On that road trip with your mom we broke down. But that was ok we just hung out and I used her M.A.P. for a while"
by SammySamFF1 May 04, 2007
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โ€œHi kids! Iโ€™m a MAP! My aoa is 5-7 so feel free to talk to me whenever!โ€
by saveourplanetplease May 23, 2019
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Master-and-Pet. This term is frequently used in kink communities on websites like Tumblr.
"What are you into? My girlfriend likes to call me Daddy."
"My girlfriend and I have more of a MAP thing going on."
by bitxmap March 03, 2017
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A MAPS server is usually a DNS Blacklist of hosts which have (or are capable of having) spammed a reporting host. Sorbs.net is a perfect example of such a list.
by Stuart August 22, 2004
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An acronym that stands for Minor Attracted Person. MAP is a blanket term used to describe all minor attractions.

There are different words for different age based attractions, called chronophilias. there are 4 chronophilias under the MAP umbrella. nepiophilia, pedophilia, hebephilia, and ephebophilia.

The term was created in 2007 by professionals in the organization B4U-ACT. It was created as a more accurate term for minor attracted people, since a pedophile is a person attracted to specifically prepubescent children, and not all minors are prepubescent.
Have you seen the MAP community on Twitter?
by Lucifer_knows_best July 23, 2020
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