The drunken state of a person to the point one has little knowledge of their whereabouts, what is revolving around them and is completely and utterly fucked.
Becky: Maria, are you Maguired?
Maria -Finishes 70cl of vodka and decks it in the middle of red bridge- Yes Becky, I am completely and utterly Maguired.
by lankyboobsn October 21, 2013
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that guy who force fed hitler poison
maguire killed hitler
by 888888888888888 August 30, 2017
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That bitch who fucks all your hoes. The girls all love him and wish to fuck him. He’s also on a period half the time.
by Fuckingpussypath April 29, 2018
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guy who is a 7 incher by the time hes 13
man, maguire has a huge dick
by pupperchino March 26, 2018
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He is a god at bmx racing
Maguire could whoop Resses ass on a bmx track

by Bmx racing February 25, 2019
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It comes from the infamous footballer Jacob Harry Maguire

When someone messes up badly. Like fr did some dumb shit
"Did you see what Tyrone did?" "Yeah he maguired it big time"

"Oh shit i maguired it, fuck"
by Blotteren69 April 22, 2022
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