some thing so fresh or sexy but dont want to seem vulgar by saying mad sexy or its just quicker or sounds better
Justin: did u see that crossover Tom: YEA it was MAD SEX. he made him fall and scored a goal
by Chaoscontrol121 October 1, 2009
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Usually a girl named madison. Is willing to sleep with anyone or anything! Considered "easy to get". This girl is not into dating. She just loves to have those one night stands. She is the girl who will go to a club and bring back at least 5 guys.
I fucked this mad sex dog last night.
by nhs1979 October 8, 2010
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A very funny word first seen in a card game, this word is used to remind people of good old times and funny jokes
Person 1: hey
Person 2: hm?
Person 1: Mad Elephant Sex
Person 2: lmao
by Some Brazilian Dude July 1, 2021
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what the kids that frequent want to see the most, as well as TRYING to associating EVERY word with oral or anal sex.
oral sex sucks guys get used to it, its not proper sex because only the female enjoys it! the male thinking to himself this is crap, no enjoyment whatsoever, got to dump her!
by TV sucks November 29, 2004
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