The word you are required to say after tipping your fedora. If you do not say it, I will rek u in Club Penguin m8.
*tips fedora* M' Lady.
by My Definitions... fgt December 13, 2014
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When you encounter an elderly person who is as hot as Channing Tatum on fire in the Mojave desert and in response urinate into ones own cupped palm and proceed to toss the warm waste at their person
May also be used with other substances and with other people.

"This crazy bitch I met just said, "M' Lady!" and tossed a handfull of horse cum at me!"
by FoxyMrah June 25, 2018
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A word chat noir call ladybug
(Also bugaboo)
Chat Noir:"Hey M,lady!"
Ladybug: "Don't even think about calling me bugaboo either."
by Miiko May 21, 2021
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Usually regarding someone wearing a fedora. They think they are above all other men for no reason at all. They possess more swords than the 2nd century and 'know' how to use them. They also 'know' they can treat a lady better than you. Trust me, they cuddle their anime pillows harder than you ever will. They are just awkward neckbeards embarrassing themselves on social media.
Hey honey look! It's one of those m' lady fruitcakes!

John is such a m' lady fruitcake. He's going to be single forever.
by tissy furball April 18, 2017
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A slang term for street morphine, either sold pharmaceuticals such as MS Contin (misties) or some soluble salt etc.
1. Everything is much better when I hang with Lady M.

2. Hey man, I wondered if you had any Lady M for me.
by Enkephalin January 9, 2012
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