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The word you are required to say after tipping your fedora. If you do not say it, I will rek u in Club Penguin m8.
*tips fedora* M' Lady.
by My Definitions... fgt December 13, 2014
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Someone who used to be a potential girlfriend/boyfriend, but no longer is.
Tim: Zack, is that your exgirlfriend?
Zack: No, she's an expotential. We never actually dated...
by brownsuite September 24, 2011
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What you call the girl of your dreams. If someone calls you m'lady it means he is desperately in love with you. Ladybug should Marry Chat Noir already.
Chat Noir: hello m'lady

Ladybug: I love you
by Skejidbd January 25, 2020
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Something you must say after tipping your fedora, whether it's talking to a dog, a man, or to yourself, it's proper manner.
via giphy
by -flyingfxck- November 01, 2017
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Term used by servants and the underclass for an uppercrust lady.
M'lady is a diminuitive of My Lady which it'self is a diminuitive of My Ladyship
Our Victorian forefathers would have used these terms. It is an archiac term.
Made socialy acceptable and stereotypical of Pearly King and Queen types and the lead Dick Van Dyke from the film Mary Poppins and others in the genre. The Cockney accent became a marketable and charming odd ball accent valued by America's film goers and thereby promoted worldwide.
It was cheeky, rough and ready , lower working class and cute especially to American women. I theorise that there were many, many WWII brides from Britain living with their Yank husbands in the USA who themselves promoted such films because they missed the accents and sound of the British working class from whence they came!

Was also a sneer when used in certain tones and timing! A kind of "Yes M'Lady!!" in a sneering nature denotes that the servant had had enough of the boss!! The staff member would have definately been let go or sacked as a result of said slip!

Also used by male to address a female when said couple are very much in love.
"My heart and soul is yours M'Lady"

My Lady, My woman, My mate, My lover
Romantic language, poetic and archaic.
Term still used, mostly by song writers.
by Marian_50 July 07, 2005
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Term used in fantasy style massive multiplayer online games as a formality in speaking to a woman character.
"How goes your adventures today m'lady?"
by Agenda July 12, 2005
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Most famously used by Parker, the chauffeur of Lady Penelope in Gerry Anderson's "Thunderbirds".
"You rang, M'Lady?", or, "The Rolls Royce, M'Lady"
by John Duffy aka Medokh April 29, 2006
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