1:I want to make lurve to u
2:Lurve me or die
3:I need a LURVE slave
by Briden February 19, 2004
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Love + Deserve = Lurve
The person who says lurve just had to THINK that they deserve it to be grammatically correct.
I lurve these shoes!
by Awesome_One_ April 11, 2015
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A word you use when you love your hunhun very much that you have to use a different word

Variation - Lurbe
Honey, I lurve you so much!
by Valerie Ruffles March 17, 2010
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When you love someone so much that you would rather let them turn you into a zombie than shoot them.
She dropped her gun and surrendered to zombie lurve letting her boyfriend bite her so they could be zombie lovers forever.
by Ducksterbunny September 23, 2010
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Lurve is a way to show someone you love them to a point you cant explain but you know you care for them
'Wow I think I love you Jenna' Thomas proclaimed. 'Well, jeffers I lurve you-' Jenna said
Thomas asked 'what's lurve? do you not love me?
Jenna exclaimed happily 'Lurve is so much more jeffers it means my affection cant be put into words'
by Bean bean of the mushyroom April 10, 2022
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Benji was lurving at the dock while we were smoking, we were totally trapped and couldn't get away.
by nerdbitch September 21, 2015
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