Luke osmon is a definition for someone who's always pissed at everything Or otherwise depending on usage meaning the targeted person to be a male lesbian in a non offensive way
Guy1: see that guy over there?
Guy2:the Luke osmon?
by Apple tech geek November 7, 2017
Likes to stick his thumb up kids bums! He’s a fat cunt and he’s coming for you! Run!
Omg it’s a Luke Joynes 😱😱😱
by Normiethot6969 March 12, 2019
This name is normaly stated to be a short man that lives in vegas.
hey look over there its a Luke roseberry
by Stink August 7, 2022
Luke bottom drawer refers to lukes literal bottom drawer that holds thousands of cursed items. only one man has survived looking at it
by Spiciest Ramen February 23, 2018
A man with an abnormally large nose, he gets given sex bans by his partner, he also allows his girlfriend to cheat on him without any repercussions.
Luke is also a goalkeeper who refuses to play in goal
Luke cowell gets whipped by larna
by Abcdrfhajakxjcnncm October 19, 2021
Fucking neek who can’t get girls and is clapped as fuck 😂
Luke drummey fucking butterz guy
by FATZz December 8, 2018
Also known as Satan, tricks 20-25 year old lads with blue eyes and lads with a hollyoaks Calendar from 2015 with all the mc queens in to a night out then goes home.
by Lew1379 October 30, 2020