This is a vertical integrated sex act where one goes down on a vagen; once the subject is sufficiently moist a deep controlled burst of air is pushed through the vagina. The result moments later is masterful quef, where the reverberation of the labia expels a pleasurable sound and sprinkling of love juices.
My new GF is really into kinky stuff so I gave her a Luke I am Your Father.
by Jackoohoh June 30, 2016
Noun; a guy who is well-liked and pretty neat. Often is interesting and tells funny jokes, and is usually successful. Luke Roring will most likely be in charge of many groups and activities. Just a pretty quality person.
Josh: Yo, Luke Roring is in charge of a ton of things and lots of people like him cause he tells funny jokes.
by naviryroring November 23, 2021
Also known as Satan, tricks 20-25 year old lads with blue eyes and lads with a hollyoaks Calendar from 2015 with all the mc queens in to a night out then goes home.
by Lew1379 October 30, 2020
A wholesome person who really just wants to have a great time with his friends and make them feel important. They are fun to be around are really inclusive,now ain't that wholesome. They are the type of person that you can call at 3am and they will answer and help you out no matter what, a real good person and friend to have
Mike:Dang I need some help
Josh:You can call a Jayden-Luke and they'll help.
by LONELYGHOST September 4, 2021
Someone you creeps your pages -from time to time - nosey person - or someone interested in you - not always in a bad way.
I was being a Luke-E-lou and looking at all her pictures on FB.
by mea2smiley March 22, 2017
a man that loves other men, is extremely ugly and that no one likes. often got nonce like traits.
don't you hate Luke Peebles.
by luke peebles sucks May 23, 2022
The gay kid who goes to your school and thinks he is cool because he plays football
by Fitfuzzball821 October 3, 2019