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I wanted to play poker but the wife won't let me. I feel like a bit of a Lubo
by pokerboss May 24, 2009
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Jane: did u knw tht she spilled a water on her pants and looks like she peed?
Ana: LUBO!!!!
by aweaw December 01, 2009
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A draconian, sadistic, leader who seeks to bring nothing but the rich, saline tears of those beneath him. you will be left with nothing but blood and tears, the two things that turn him on the most ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). your only existence will be that which he weaves for you of sorrow and woe. He's that fucking powerful.
In the deep recesses of the soul, there is a lip licking sadistic Lubos in all of us. is it the source of all that is corrupt within the human soul? is it the apple of discord? or is it just the poisoned aspic in your lungs.
by Shaven shoulders April 03, 2018
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