The gelatinous, stretch-mark-laced, jiggly mass of cellulite (often created or exacerbated by multiple pregnacies) that you unfortunately witness bouncing around the belly buttons of middle-aged women who refuse to grow up and wear high-enough jeans and long-enough t-shirts.
Don't look now. Your mom's aspic is out.
by b what u r September 19, 2007
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Aspiring basics. Girls who don't have the means to live as basic bitches, but want to. Sadder than
"Oh man, check out the aspic in the imitation Uggs. She keeps a Starbucks cup, but fills it for free at the office"
by billmax January 19, 2015
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A yucky kind of food. Basically Jello but made from meat stock/broth and contains questionable meat products (e.g. offal), seafood or eggs inside.
Mom: Who wants aspic tonight!!!
Kids: Ewwwwwww 🤢🤮
by UwUltimateDoge March 12, 2022
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1. Of asian and hispanic mixed race.

2. Asian-Hispanic fusion cuisine.
1. Juan Cho is one hot Aspic.

3. Tamale rolls and teriyaki fajitas are only two examples of Aspic cuisine.
by Yum Yum Collyer October 17, 2010
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