Indirect attention or communications related to a specific person, with the purpose of manipulating how information is being perceived.

Psychic people have a bad habit of doing this intentionally or unintentionally.

Narcissistic types usually do this intentionally to control others.
You: Omg did you see what Tyrone posted on Instagram?

Shonda: Yup! That’s why we not together no more. He can never communicate directly.

You: He really needs to work on his throat chakra.

Shonda: He’s a hot ass mess! Low blowing me up on social media. Bet he won’t @ me though.
by Metamuse April 18, 2020
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an unfair maneuver (from an earlier term used to describe hitting a man in his crotch)
Bringing my mom into an arument like that is such a low blow.
by Light Joker January 31, 2007
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1. An attack to mens genitalia (sometimes womens). Sometimes enjoyed sexually, sometimes just outright painful. In the wrestling world women wrestlers low blow men wrestlers a lot, primarily to help their man win a match, or to excite the ballbusting fetishists like me who watch. Chyna is the most famous female low blower in WWE/F history, but Lita is getting up there too. I would rather be low blowed by LuFisto than any other woman wrestler.

2. A comment which is cruel and callous. Meant to cut like a knife. Hence the term low blow, it hurts.
1. Commentator: Lufisto just low blowed that faggot she's wrestling!
Me: Lucky bastard.

2. You know i didnt get my grade 10. thats a low blow julian.
by BallsMcManus July 18, 2006
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1) A thought out, verbal attack designed to kick someone while they are down (can also be done in a joking manor where the instigator reaps in the reward of satisfaction.)
2) Kick to the balls
3-AD testers: While in self induced depression over the end of their 3-AD runs.
maceaddy:WAIT! whats all this talk of ending? I still have a whole 'nother bottle to go through.
OCC: I'm going to go write an article for urban dictionary for "low blow" and this is going to be the textual example. lmao
by Dave023 April 13, 2008
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Slang term for Gay Midget. What do you call a Gay Midget? A low Blow!
That Gay Midget was giving that John a Low Blow. The Midget's balls were so low, they were almost hitting the ground
by Bird_The_Word October 30, 2012
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