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Love 101 ❤️
Feeling love is way more better than hearing/reading it. This called love 101
by UnfinishedBook April 12, 2022
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Love, love, and love.

Love. A four-letter word with an infinite meaning. Human abused love they took it for granted and they interpreted it the way that suits their egos and lusts. A fact check, love is mercurial. The more we think we have finally understood love, the more we are incognizant about it. Due to this fact we can never measure love.
by UnfinishedBook April 11, 2022
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Macaroni Penguins

These distinctive looking birds aren't particularly special in the sense that almost 90% of all birds tend to be monogamous in nature. But Macaroni penguins ARE special for the way they mate. They live in massive colonies with thousands of birds. Once they find their mate, they return to that mate for the rest of their lives even if they spend the rest of the year apart from each other. Reunions between mates are often filled with excitement and overt displays of affection.
by UnfinishedBook April 12, 2022
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To you my LUV:

I had a faith on you. I trusted you. I thought you are different. I loved you.

Ending love.
Like everything in this world, everything reaches to an end. .. your love is not exceptional.

Please do forget me.
by UnfinishedBook April 13, 2022
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Everything on the internet is recorded, watched and observed. This is a funny fact.

Who ever brainwashed you and put you down here know this fact.

It’s not smart. We find you wherever you go easily.

Unless this is what you want, us seeing your drama and stripteasing. Your predictable cries for help and cheesy sense of romance.

Ohh right, you think we are going to doubt your character and confuse you with some others. How smart is this of you.

Your randomness is not random. It could be random from anyone else, but just you is obvious. You are not forever in my heart after I saw your miserable poor dancing. It was all yours, but not anymore. The lemur now purrs .. haha I thought you said your not that low.

Who ever put you here is smarter than you and knew … you’ll be so full of yourself and you’ll stuck here forever.

How many hours per day you are here? Aren’t you supposed to be busy with something will make you look distinguished and smart? Or are you here to seek a delusional approval of your sick-minded audience or I should say .. worthless losers.

You are not a loser. You’ve been brainwashed.. to satisfy their needs.

I thought.. I thought you are a wolf that licks its own wounds.. why are you naked here? Are you horny is that it? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Ahh .. I was so full of hope. I respected you. Not anymore. I don’t respect you. You belong to the streets.
by UnfinishedBook April 14, 2022
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There are prerequisites for saying “I love you” otherwise you will be abusing the word love which will lead to failure.
P1: I love you
P2: I love you too
P1: I love you so much

P2: same wise, love
P1: 143
P2: 143
P1: I love you
P2: I love you

A few months later:

P1: asshole

P2: bitch

If love was a person:

Don’t ever use me you worthless ignorants.

Don’t be abusing love 143
by UnfinishedBook April 12, 2022
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