Louis has the biggest dick in the hole world and I have sex’s with him everyday and for 14 years old can bang you really hard
by Lucy thots July 15, 2019
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A Louis is a compassionate and kind person, except when he loses a competition or gets mad. Then he's eager to argue or find an excuse so that he's not in the wrong. He can also be quite annoying when not given enough attention, like an excitable dog. Although, also similarly to a dog, he is loyal and fun to play games with, and he always has lots of energy for jokes and laughs.
Ur so Louis u forking Louis omg louis
by ShelsieTheSeashell March 28, 2018
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Guy everyone loves.
geunine, lovely and kind.
can't win at any fight has very womanly hands :)
everyone has to love him
"aww dont be such a louis"
"thats such a louis thing to do"
by MoMo110 August 16, 2008
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A bit of a loner. But wait! hang on a sec! if you peel back a few layers (kinda like an onion?) you reach a side of Loui that is unknown to anyone except a few close friends! Sure they're a Fixer-Upper and a bit of a weirdo but Loui will do (nearly) anything to help those they care about.

They also have a giant di......plodocus!
"Look! Loui's rolling down the street on that penny board! Wait! Oh no! They've faceplanted! WHAT A SHAME!"
by bethisapotato September 13, 2016
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16th of an ounce of cannabis (worth £10) ten bag

originates from the English King "Louis the 16th"
yo g, i'm brassic can i get a louis on tick
by Cpt. Cronic September 02, 2006
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Slang. Used occasionally in reference to a sixteenth of an ounce of marijuana. The expression is derived from Louis XVI.

See also Henry
Drugdealer: "You want a henry?"
Recreational drug user: "I've only got a tenner, can you do us a louis?"
by SilentBob May 17, 2005
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