A big, obnoxious dude who always says what's on his mind. He might be a jerk, but you can count on him to always give you the honest truth. He thinks he's a lot cooler than he actually is, but people are friends with him anyway because they think he's funny.
Dude.. who is that douche over there?

Oh, that's just Louis, man. You get used to him.
by firebrand127 May 11, 2011
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Australian slang for speed. Also can be called Louis, but no where near as popular.
by thek April 17, 2005
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is an awesome guy who always has a smile on his face. He is a very good friend and an awesome lover. He is very understanding and he always pushes you to do your best because he knows you are more capable than what you think. He is very kind and generous. He is sweet and cute. He works hard and does the impossible.
Loui is the greatest love of my life.

I don’t think I’ll ever find another guy like Loui.
I’m sorry Loui, for everything.
by booboooshurt November 26, 2018
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Louis de Pointe du Lac...the hauntingly beautiful and tragic friend/lover/apprentice to Lestat de Lioncourt (a.k.a. The Vampire Lestat) of Anne Rice's Vampire chronicles. He may be flawed but we still love him.
"Louis, Louis...still whining after all these years! Have you heard enough of that...I have! I've been listening to it for centuries." - Lestat de Lioncourt, Interview with the Vampire
by Kane19 June 12, 2007
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A Louis is a tall guy with an abnormally large penis and natural hormones that girls can’t help but swoon over.
Tiffany: I had sex with Louis last night. It was the best ever!!
by DJKrummelpap July 02, 2020
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A guy who likes too much caffine and gets £2 a day in order to fuel his caffine addiction
Bob: Hey louis! What did you do last night?

Louis: caffine
by fireys December 13, 2019
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