He is strange but its fine because he has the best jawline. He is hard to read as a person. He is actually moderately attractive (kind of) and has really nice blue eyes. He's actually kind of popular with girls. But easy to like as he is generally sweet and funny but also rude when having a joke. He denies the girls that like him all the time.
"I hope Louis doesn't see this"
by Hęlp November 08, 2019
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a louis is a qualified dj, accountant and plane driver (also known as pilot). he puts himself down too much and deserves only the good things in the world. he is talented in many ways, including the fact that he is a guitar god and can kill anyone in his path with a single guitar riff. he is extremely dedicated to his family and friends, and is a hard-worker. sometimes, he works a bit too hard and needs a well-deserved break to keep his head level. a louis is very smort and knows multiple languages. a louis usually underestimates what he is doing and what he is capable of. he can also beat a bitch up with his nunchucks when he needs to. people called louis are generally perfect in every way, and if you have a louis in your life, you should hold them tight and never let go. because they deserve love.
Person 1: "holy moly who is that precious, adorable, talented, sweet and beautiful person over there??"

Person 2: "oh,,,,, that's a louis. isn't he the best?"

Person 3 (aka me): "I stg if any of you even think about anything remotely negative that has got to do with him at all, I will hurt u."
by borisjisahoe May 25, 2020
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The type of guy who has incest with his cousin, probably named Georgina Barnhill, but doesn't realize its incest.

He probably also thinks that incest means "good at sex" or something like that.
James: I was chilling with my cousin last night :)
Oliver: Dude, stop being a Louis
James: What? You mean I'm good at having sex?
Oliver: No, you are so stupid, WHAT A LOUIS YOU ARE!
via giphy
by RoofShoes May 02, 2018
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Louis is a sweet and caring boy. He is very handsome but he is not cocky. Louis is very athletic and completes in sports at a high level. Louis has many friends that are girls but he loves to hang out with the guys. Louis may have some trouble talking to people because he is shy. But, once he opens up to you he will be your best friend.
by Tennis1414 May 06, 2018
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omg he does classics! he's such a pleb! he's such a louis!
by circoddyseus June 23, 2020
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A word used to represent shredding of the guitar (most commonly used in conjunction with stairway to heaven).
Wow dude that Jimmy Page is a real Louis at stairway to heaven.
by RPM_inc© April 12, 2008
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A massive whale and a really nice person. Usually korean.
"Hey Louis, you friggin whale XD"
by God_left_us March 10, 2016
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