Hocking up a fat greener, Spit that just clings on.
when someone spits a fat lougie and it clings on to something.
by Lougie 02 November 12, 2008
The residual, congeled jit that lodges as a webbed wad in the back of one's throat just after feeding on a load of cum; the deciding moment wether to swallow or gargle to clear throat.
Now that you shot your load, I need to shoot this cum lougie out from the back of my throat so I can go eat.
by Kdoug June 11, 2012

Regurgitating and coughing up a large phlegm slime from the depths of the esophagus. Preferably spitting on someone you dislike, or on something which will cause a stir amongst your peers.
Shane: Bro do you dare me to huck a lougie on Slink?

Stewie: Yes cousin that would be mad
by el_lithuanian_honeysister November 22, 2017
The act of responding to a question or statement with a coughed up lougie in your mouth
Samantha:What are you doing tonight?

Stevie:Im probsh jusht chillin with shtacy

Samantha:Dude did you just lougie lips me?
by samnasty April 30, 2012
A large chunk of mucous passed via the vagina.
Often a sign of infection.
My vag has been burning all night. Now I'm passing huge green cunt lougies!
by KarenClutterbuck October 3, 2021
Someone who is such an asshole you have to doubt they are actually the product of sperm and egg. You might begin to wonder if they are infact a cunt lougie that started to multiply like a cancer, but somehow still ended up with 2 arms 2 legs and a head.
by KarenClutterbuck October 3, 2021