When someone's hands are dry they need to moisturize them by using lotion
by Bobolink bubbaloo March 10, 2017
The act of rubbing sexual body fluids into your hands due to lack of a better place to whipe off or clean off.
Bro 1 - " Yo bro! " - goes in for handshake -
Bro 2 - " .. Oh hey man yo let me lotionize real quick .. "
by sarzzzOD March 22, 2011
“Bro I was lotioning a sweet one earlier”
“You’re always on call trying to lotion tings....”
by Trinzico March 13, 2021
To lotion is the same as to chirpse or make movements.
John: have u heard about jack and emma

Abdi: yh i heard hes tryna lotion her
by FAMZINHO March 29, 2016
that which belongs in the basket-and-I stress this highly- if one refuses to put the lotion where it belongs, one WILL get the hose. Also, before placing it in said basket, it should be rubbed on the skin.
by hot sauce March 11, 2004
What makes something slippery and SOFT.

Instead of going barehanded and making it hard, i used LOTION
by aznsavage222 May 28, 2004