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More stoners and pot growers per capita that pretty much anywhere else in the world.
Los Osos, although a small town, is a major agricultural mecca. ;)
by S_t_G May 07, 2005
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Los Osos is a small beach town in Central Coast California on the back side of Morro Bay. It is completly populated by stoners and retired old people. The most common place to hang out is Ralphs and steal candy from the bulk candy isle or rite aid and get ice cream. Occasionally we pass our time by breaking curfew and wandering aimless-ly around town and harassing people's houses you dislike. Chances are most people you come across can not drive because they are old or high. Everyone spends their whole life bitching about hating this town and wanting to leave, but eventually end up back here because they miss it.
I spent most of my high school years wandering around Los Osos and wreaking havoc in the middle of the night.
by miss bubbles July 29, 2008
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Many think this little town right near Morro Bay is where stoners and old people come to rest, but having lived there, I know that it is a sweet little town where you come to appreciate the little. For example, going to the store and seeing someone you know. And living within a walking distance from at least three friends. There are also many cute places to stay. My favorite, although I cannot give the name is a sweet little cabin, friendly to animals. Theres horses, (so if you have a horse, they will gladly let you bring him or her) dogs, cats, and chickens. You may find, as I said before, that most of these definitions tell you this is where pot heads and grumpy divorced people live, but this is wrong. There may be seniors, and a widow or two but Los Osos is the place where people know there neighbors, and when you smell barbecue down the street, you invite yourself to the party. So I would like to say, any of the definitions say that there are ONLY drug addicts and mean old folks, ARE the drug addicts. And you may ask why I stand up for this bullied little town? Because I have lived here. And no, I am not old and trying put everyone's fun. I am thirteen years old. So dislike this, I don't mind. But just know, this is the true Los Osos of California.
Guy 1: Los Osos is such i dump!

Guy 2: Haha yeah!

Mysteriousk: No it's not!
by myseriousk February 08, 2013
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