The most beautiful town in the country. Not open to Valley People...including Fresnoids, Bakersfield-losers, and any other mutant from the California Valley.
Baas: "Hunny! Let's git the kids and go on over to Morro Bay for the Harbor Fest!!!"

Geraldine: "Sounds like a kick to me! But first, let's go git some McDonalds and matching American flag T-shirts!!!"
by Keak a Leak Monique June 18, 2008
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small town in the central california coast. Home of bored cops who live to break up what few parties there are. And home of the worlds SLOWEST and balless drivers. Mostly because of the large number of extremely old inhabitants. Also weekend spot for fresno and bakerfields trash.
Hiram: My grandma in Morro Bay got her house raided by the cops.

Jeff: why? what did she do?

Hiram: she was watching Leave it to Beaver with the volume up too loud.
by Br00talElliott April 17, 2009
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To Get a a "Mob" of people and beat up random, innocent People.
Me and some friends were Morro Bay Mobing at the High School
by Youremember July 28, 2011
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