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(1) To schedule an event or meeting only to cancel last minute or ignore it altogether;

(2) To state that an event or meeting will last a certain amount of time only to drag it out far beyond the originally stated time.
I was supposed to meet with Ben yesterday, but got Lonsdaled instead.

Ben said the meeting would only last 20 minutes, but he Lonsdaled us and went an hour and a half.
by Was509 April 13, 2017
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Lonsdale is simply a line of boxing equipment and clothing originating in London. Skinheads and hard mods have traditionally worn the clothing for its great stylishness, and for thier love for the sport of boxing, long before nazi boneheads who call themselves skinheads ever existed. Trads, SHARPS, and skinheads of all sorts still wear Lonsdale clothing with pride. Apparently, nazi boneheads have concocted a stupid moniker for Lonsdale. Shame.
"I look really sharp in my Lonsdale harrington jacket"
by Sluggo Skin October 29, 2006
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A clothing brand that used to be normal but now it is very populair by right wing youth in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. It's so populair because it contains the letters "NSDA", which differs only one letter from "NSDAP" (Hitlers Nazi party).
Ironically, Lonsdale was founded by a black man.

Because of those right wing idiots, the Lonsdale brand has a bad name now and people who weared Lonsdale before the hype don't wear it anymore because of the bad image.
- Hey, look at that bald guy with the earrings, military boots and a Lonsdale sweater.
- Hmm, another Lonsdale idiot.
by Piggen April 30, 2005
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A clothing brand assosiated with antisocial behaviour in The Netherlands.

This is normally worn by 14-17 year old youths who insist on defacing puiblic property, cars, people and anything else that comes in their way.

They are strongly comparable to the chav groups which have infultrated the UK but the Londsdale groups have a sickening undertone of racism to add.

On most evenings, the Lonsdale youth can be seen sat in parks and on street corners listening to Gabba techno smoking joints, drinking anything alcoholic and scribbling White power signs, "Lonsdale never dies" or "hardcore for life" on any surface that can be spoiled.

They dont stop on public property but are also happy to wreck their own rented flats too. The communcal areas will have plants torn up, the lift will be urinated in and a nazi sign will be the calling card. The abundance of saliva from the constant spitting is also a recognisable sign that you are in Lonsdale territory.

Sometime, the Lonsdale youth can be seen singing racist songs and chanting whilst walking through the street, this is only after 2:00 am when anybody who would happily stove their heads in really cannot be bothered to get up to do the honours.

Typically, the Lonsdale youth can be found harrassing inocent bystanders, normally 10 year old children and when in large numbers will compete to see who can be the most obnoxious and irritate the f@#k out of the most people.

The Dutch government has even had its security services look into the activities of these groups but it seems that it has been decided to let them be as they will all probably kill each other shortly.

Londale never dies. (Yes it really was spelt that way.....)

Lonsdale 4 life.
by Anti Lonsdale October 07, 2005
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