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A clothing brand for and by right wing extremists. It's called so because you can see the letters "NSDAP" (Hitler's Nazi party) when you wear your Consdaple sweater under an open jacket.
- Look at my new Consdaple sweater!.
- Yeah, you're a real right wing extremist.
by Piggen April 24, 2005
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A clothing brand that used to be normal but now it is very populair by right wing youth in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. It's so populair because it contains the letters "NSDA", which differs only one letter from "NSDAP" (Hitlers Nazi party).
Ironically, Lonsdale was founded by a black man.

Because of those right wing idiots, the Lonsdale brand has a bad name now and people who weared Lonsdale before the hype don't wear it anymore because of the bad image.
- Hey, look at that bald guy with the earrings, military boots and a Lonsdale sweater.
- Hmm, another Lonsdale idiot.
by Piggen April 30, 2005
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