The man's man. Physically spectacular specimen. IQ is considered too high to be determined. A conqueror.
I'm sorry the Lonny you are searching for is busy with yo mama at the moment. Please call back when he tells you to.
by LJBurton February 25, 2009
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the name for someone with the body of a roman god
Her: OMG! LOOOOK at him, He is the most AMAZINGLY handsome mad I have ever seen!

Me: I know, right! He is SO Lonny!
by boxerlover August 28, 2011
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Frank is so Lonny, all the guys want him but he belongs to Mel.
by lummysgrl February 4, 2010
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The name for someone with the body of a roman god. A Man of Great Size and Stature. He's the strongest guy in any given room. Known to say Love as a strong feeling in their heart but tries to show it in the best way they can. Unbelievably unbelievable in the words they speak
Sexy & Built .. Lonnie is the one to be with.
by Alecia Morgan July 11, 2013
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A Man of Great Size and Stature. Known to be Honest and Loyal. He's the Strongest guy in any given room, the first one you call when you're moving. Intelligent and engaging. Fathers beg him to marry their daughters.
How do you like your new Son in Law?
I wish he were more of a Lonnie.
by DaBiggun August 1, 2011
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To be left hung out to dry, cock blocked, lied to, or otherwise let-down by someone who you were totally counting on.
I had to walk home from the bar because the douchebag who was supposed to give me a ride completely Lonnied me!!!
by TMANN69 November 28, 2011
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