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A tiny little town, which can only be described to another person as "above santa barbara, below san luis obispo". Consisting of one part field workers, one part air force families, one part old timers. The most exciting thing that happens there all year would be either the Lompoc vs. Cabrillo football game or the flower festival. If you happen to drive through you may notice the murals on about every building, "save surf beach"/ plover hate stickers on every car, and/or flower fields. About every kid growing up there has skid their knees trying to ride down Beatie hill, ate a Jalama Burger, and witnessed the worlds largest american flag being grown. There are no seasons in Lompoc, just overcast, chilly overcast, windy overcast, and mildly warm overcast.
Person #1: DUDE! Let's go to Lompoc this weekend!
Person #2: For what? A gang-bang or the dog show?
Person #1: Hmm, maybe we should just stay home.
by mchuckkakca December 07, 2008
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A mexican shithole gangster town with old people that think its the best town because of past memories when Lompoc was infact good (In the 1800's)
Lompoc Sux Balls
by NAS January 19, 2004
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A small town on the central coast of Cali. Despite most rumors, it is a nice little town with a lot to offer. The casino is just down the road.
I am from Lompoc, California.
by Darryl III February 08, 2005
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